bug catcherSam Crow was born in the Far East, and has been gradually travelling West ever since with a sewing needle in one hand and a pen in the other, scribbling down the bizarre characters she either meets or imagines, costume ideas and jumbles of words …whilst enjoying and absorbing the rich textures, colours, cultures, stories and faces on display , and developing an insatiable appetite for everything creative or theatrical along the way.

An enormously hugely gigantic love for the theatre and arts and a disturbing passion for textiles and costume eventually took her to Central St Martins to study theatre design.

Sam is happiest when creating things with her hands, surrounded by fabrics, ink, paint, clay and their associated smells, mess and potential.

Her subject matter is heavily influenced by her love of costume design, fashion photography, old black and white photographs and fairy tales, both dark and light, and her childhood – but also depicts characters from life or imagination that just want to come out to pose!

Sam always has a huge smile for creativity, and a great love for stories and the characters they contain – imaginary or real, on stage, screen, page or pavement.  She hopes her work will make you smile too, and inspire you to daydream and imagine the stories surrounding every character on display.

When she is not daydreaming which she does more than is probably healthy – she can be found awed in art galleries and cinemas, wishing she was wealthy in art shops, textile shops, book shops and shops that have really good boots! Or she’ll be in the children’s section of libraries loving the illustrations, in forests … up trees as high as she can go, or simply sitting staring at the sky, or trying not to laugh when having to be serious, mostly she’ll probably be scribbling in little books, or up to her elbows in fabric or enjoying the feel of clay between her fingers, staining her fingers tips with inky blackness or her whole hand with mandalas of paint, or counting freckles, floating on music, or with her nose buried in a book…you will never find her driving a car, eating bananas, feeling grown up and very seriously sensible, or wearing yellow or high heels – even though she is very tiny and could probably benefit from a couple more inches of height. People with no eyebrows worry her, as do belly buttons and she really does not like hair in her food, bad mannered people or food with eyes – she  admits that she has an unhealthy addiction to cartons of ribena, and caffeine.

As a small child she developed a habit of singing ( loudly and badly ) – whenever she was completely alone…she still does this, although she’s far too embarrassed to ever admit it. Her first three years of boarding school mainly consisted of planning and carrying out daring escapes to her grandparents home – many miles away but an easier option than that of stowing away on an aeroplane to visit her parents…, she was always returned after the weekend,with her pet stone. (a picture by edward gorey…)

Black Books, The I.T Crowd and Withnail And I always make her giggle. She loves her creative family, a very specific shade of blue, kind smiley people with shiny eyes, the little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, skies full of stars, forests and their dwellers- (she’d like to live in a tree house… but a very comfortable one with lots of levels and walkways and a ladder that can be pulled up to avoid unwanted visitors arriving unannounced), mountains and their views, music that makes her tingle, intelligence, freckles, wide smiles, bicycles, London,bowler hats, Alice in Wonderland, the song White Rabbit,  beaten up brown leather boots / shoes, all things  steampunk, stop motion animation, old black and white photographs, the gifted and talented who are modestly brilliant and never puff out their chests or paint their feathers who make her feel awed and so glad to have found, the works of Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Neil Gaiman, Peter Greenaway, Boris Vian, Terry Pratchett, Edward Gorey, Heath Robinson, Jules Verne, H.G Wells, Miyazai,the brothers Grimm, Muse, Django Reinhardt, Lisa Gerrard, Emiliana Torrini, Debussy, Michael Nyman, Hans Zimmer, fairy tale illustrations, Chagall’s floating lovers and dreamers, Rothko’s red, green eyes and salad spinners…actually most things that spin!



Colchester institute 1986-88, Art and design BTec national diploma

Chelsea school of art 1988-90, Mural design HND

Central St Martins 1990-1993 Theatre design BA HONS

Art works

Mural commission, St Mary’s Hospital, London. 1990

Mural commission, Milbank, London. 1990

Theatre set designs, Seaview players, Brightlingsea. 2000-2005

Designing bags, crafted fabrics and artworks for commissions, craft fairs and Portobello market 1990-2009

Drawing with stitches exhibition, Creative Quarter, Folkestone, Kent, July 2009

Affordable Fine Art, ongoing.

Exhibiting at The Harbour Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, ongoing.

Ink, Paint, Stitch exhibition, Creative Quarter, Folkestone, Kent, August 2011, part of the Folkestone Triannual Fringe exhibitions.

Commission to design logo for new charity – Angel Hands Foundation – August 2011

Ink, Paint, Stitch exhibition, Creative Quarter, Folkestone, Kent, December 2011

Inks exhibiting in France – via Frank Hirschfield – ongoing

FabricationsExhibition, with Mermaids and Seagulls, Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone, Kent   July 2012

christmas exhibition, Creative Quarter, Folkestone, Kent, december 2012

Darkness Descends – Autumn Showcase at Cursley and Bond, the Old High St, Folkestone, Kent October – November 2013

Cursley and Bond Gallery, the old high street, Folkestone, Kent, Nov / Dec. 2013 and Jan 2014

Love, love me do, Cursley and Bond Gallery, the Old High St, Folkestone, Kent  Feb 2014

Dolls art exhibition, the Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel Aviv, Israel march – july 2014

Dolls art exhibition, the Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel Aviv, Israel march – july 2015-16


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